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About JSquared

Since 2007, our company has focused on bettering those HOA communities that we manage. While all management companies say that their Homeowner Associations are their top priority, almost all of the communities we have taken over commented that they felt that collecting their HOA management fee each month was the management company's true top priority. Much of the success of our company has been through the core values that we live by every day: Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty, and Customer Relations. These core values are so ingrained in the company that we couldn't imagine doing business any other way.

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    We can represent you in negotiations to ensure contracts and agreements are created in your best interest.

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    Choosing the right employees for your homeowner’s association is crucial to its success and acceptance. Our experienced team can help.

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    We have the experience you need to draft letters and notices of all types. No need to second-guess or create from scratch.

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    A well organized and good looking website is an information hub for activities, events and documents in a homeowner’s association.

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    We provide the accounting support you need to ensure timely and accurate reporting to your homeowners as well as state and federal requirements.

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    A healthy budget is crucial for the survival and maintenance of any HOA. We can help you manage it and provide periodic reviews.


What's the difference?

Through surveys of our current Homeowner Associations and just plain old listening to our clients; we have concluded the most common reasons residents become upset with their previous HOA management company is lack of communication and attention. Because of this information, we have created several policies to ensure our Homeowner Associations do not have the same issues. First, we guarantee all phone calls and emails received are responded to the same day or worst case within 24 hours. Secondly, we believe in total transparency of all things done by the HOA.