Annual Meetings – Why vote?

11/6/2012 10 Comments

It’s voting time again. Candidates are discussing topics, meeting with voters to discuss issues and most importantly asking for your votes. Believe it or not I am not talking about the Presidential election. I am however talking about annual election of association board members.

Many resident/members that I have come in contact with over the years have asked, “why should I vote” or “what do I care who is a board member as long as my assessments don’t increase”. Well, in response to that I say, you should give your vote for your association’s board members as much thought and effort as you do the presidential election. While the national magnitude is not as high for your association’s board members, the decisions that those board members make will immediately impact you on a very personal level, YOUR HOME! Board members are tasked with making financial decisions that can ultimately impact your wallet and the community itself. While association board members are volunteers and in most cases have the best interests of their community, many have personal agendas. Something that they have been personally frustrated with about the community or something personally they would like to see happen. Annual election time is each members opportunity to ask prospective board members what they plan to do for the community, what sort of improvements are they interested in making, and any other question you feel is of importance. Without exception I tell members to at least ask prospective board members why they want to be a board member. This question will often times bring out the true reason why an individual wishes to be a board member.

Whatever your decision is remember, your vote DOES count and like people always say regarding the presidential election, “you can’t complain about the people in power if you didn’t take the time to vote”.

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