Every Penny Counts! The challenges HOA Property Managers/Board Members face when creating a strong budget.

12/11/2012 883 Comments

If you have ever paid cash for anything, you have probably received change in return. In most cases, the change we get back goes into a purse, change jar, or the ash tray in our cars. Most times we don’t really even think about what we will do with it.…

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Why Scoop the Poop?

11/13/2012 2168 Comments

For years now I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to manage every type of residential property possible; from Homeowner Associations, multifamily housing, single family homes, and more. Without exception the biggest issue that receives the most complaints is……..PET WASTE! While many people love their communities and wouldn’t…

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Annual Meetings – Why vote?

11/6/2012 11 Comments

It’s voting time again. Candidates are discussing topics, meeting with voters to discuss issues and most importantly asking for your votes. Believe it or not I am not talking about the Presidential election. I am however talking about annual election of association board members. Many resident/members that I have come…

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First Homeowners Association – Too Funny!!!

10/22/2012 8 Comments

What a comical interpretation of how an HOA works. Although this is the polar opposite of how an HOA should be run it is pretty funny. Like they always say, “If you can’t laugh at yourself then who can you laugh at”. Hope you all enjoy the video.

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