What is a Homeowners Association (HOA)?

A Community Association (HOA) can be simplified into two categories; Operational Management of a Non-Profit Corporation and Member Relations. While most HOA management companies have good intentions, they often find themselves more successful in one or the other category. In order for a Homeowner Association to become both successful financially and unite as a community, it is crucial to have an HOA management company that believes both categories are required.

Operational Management of a Non-Profit Corporation:


Like the title says, a Homeowners Association is a Corporation. This means it is a business and must be run accordingly. Just because the title states, "Non-Profit", does not mean that the business shouldn't be run in the same manner as a For-Profit Corporation. The Homeowners Association requires all of the same expertise, such as contract negotiation, accounting knowledge, vendor relations, knowledge of the law governing the business, and so much more!

Member Relations:


Equally important to the success of a Homeowners Association is how the members (owners/residents) are treated. Just like a For-Profit Corporation, a Homeowners Association has customers that need to know that they are appreciated. Customer service is often the most neglected part of HOA management. The old saying, "Treat others the way you would want to be treated" has never rung more true since these are not only the customers of the Homeowners Association but also part owners of the corporation.

If you feel your current HOA management company is neglecting either of these critical topics please contact us today for an HOA Community Evaluation. We at J. Squared Property Management are so confident that you will agree we are leaps and bounds above our competition that we GUARANTEE IT! If after 60 days, you don't believe we are better than the rest we will return the monthly HOA management fee*(contact one of our community associates for details). Give us the opportunity and we know you won't be disappointed! Homeowner Association references are available upon request.